Below are the 4 requirements left for the boys to get two more badges.  Both were started at the last meeting and would have been finished at the meeting that never happened.

Please complete these requirements and let me know when they are completed so that they can get the “Code of the Wolf” and “Adventures in Coins” elective badges.

If you would rather not complete them, please let me know that.

1. Watch:

2. Play a game of “Go Fish for 10s.” Go Fish for IOs
This is just like regular “Go Fish,” except the goal is to get two cards that add up to 10. Use a regular deck of cards, but take out all the IOs and face cards. Ace counts as 1.
Start with five cards, and put the extra cards face down on the table. If you have a pair of cards that add up to 10, put them down in front of you.
When it’s your turn, ask one player for a card that you can add to one of your cards to make 10. If he has the card you asked for, put down the pair, and take one card from the deck. Ifhe doesn’t have the card, take one from the deck. Your turn is over when you can make no more pairs that add up to 10. The game ends when you run out of cards.

3.  With other members of your den or family, identify two shapes you can see in the construction of bridges.  Click here for the handout they would have received.  BRIDGE

4.  With your den, find something that comes with many small, colored items in one package.

I was going to use a mini pack of  M& Ms.  That is why I asked if they were alergic to candy.   To complete this requirement, fill out this Color Chart  Take a photo of it filled out and text it to me.  I will post them on this page and they will able to see what the other boys found.  The boys will then be able to see the results of each scout. 

Count the number of items of each color in your package. Keep track of each color. Then:
a Draw a graph showing the number of items of each color.
b Determine what the most common color is.
c Compare your results to those of the other Scouts.
d Predict how many items of each color you will find in one more package.
e Decide if your prediction was close.