“Small Christian Communities are a sign of vitality within the church,
an instrument of evangelization, and a solid point for a new society
based on love.” (John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio)

What is a Small Church Community?


Small Church Communities are groups of 8-12 ordinary people who meet every other week to share their life and faith by sharing on the gospel for the up coming Sunday.
Each Small Church Community (SCC) has a Pastoral Facilitator who connects back to the parish through monthly meetings. These SCCs evolve to include formation, prayer, and service–the activities of the parish church in miniature.


We as American Catholics move more often and therefore have less stable relationships. There are many more miles between family members than generations ago. We are sometimes isolated and alone. In a large parish it is very possible to be sitting amid strangers even when we come to mass regularly! One of the basic needs a parish fills is the need to experience faith and love. Although Good Shepherd is a very friendly parish where we are greeted at the door by our pastor and priests and turn to each other in greeting before the start of mass, it is easy for someone to be unnoticed.
In a small church community you have the opportunity to deepen your prayer life and your relationships with other Catholic Christians. You have support in making the decisions that you know are right but are counter-cultural. You are affirmed and you are missed when you are not there!

You can’t join a small church community because it is a process. But you can start the process by joining a small faith sharing group. If you are interested,