I. GATHERING, RELAXING, SETTLING IN – Opening Song Opening Prayer

II. REVIEW OF LIFE (10 minutes) Always the same. Always done in pairs.
Where have you felt God working in your life in the last two weeks?
Review of Life (choose 1 question that speaks to you. If after your partner’s turn there is time, share on a second question)
1. Have I been able to find time each day for some prayer and reflection? If not, what are the barriers?
2. Name an experience of the Lord—or of his absence—in these last two weeks. What did I hear?
3. What do I need most to persevere?
4. What challenges am I experiencing in carrying my prayer/reflection into my family, work, society?
5. How is my attitude changing toward the most forgotten people in our society? What am I doing about them?
CHURCH 6. In what ways am I growing closer to the church, the Body of Christ?
RESOLUTION 7. For the next two weeks, what will be my one, clear-cut and simple plan or resolve? Whom will I ask to pray for me in this regard?

III. LIFE/ FAITH CONNECTION (50 to 70 minutes)
1. Gospel Reading for the following Sunday
2. Quiet reflective time to sit with reading
3. Short Commentary on the Gospel
4. Faith Sharing on 3-4 questions in groups of three to four people. (20 min) Questions should speak to the heart not the head. People will share more intimately with 3-4 than the whole group. It is important to break into sm. groups.
5. Large Group Sharing- What insights, truths, thoughts did I come to during this time together? (Speaking only to one’s own experience and not to what another said in the small group of three to four)
What difference will this make when I go home to my family, my work place, the neighborhood, the way I relate to the poor, the way I vote?

IV. SHARED PRAYER (15 to 25 minutes)
1. Many different forms from the long Tradition are possible. See Praying Alone and Together.
2. This time may also be used for STUDY.

VI. EVALUATION OF THE MEETING (10 minutes) (Pg 106) This often happens informally by way of conversation. But every so often you should use a written evaluation to help stay focused.

1. When & where will we meet next? (It may be helpful to plan a months meetings at a time.)
2. Do we want to do something together to celebrate a liturgical season?
3. Is there a service/need we may want to get involved in?
4. Is there news from the PF meeting that needs to be passed on?



Based on information taken from “Creating Small Church Communities” Third Edition by Father Arthur R. Baranowski,St. Anthony Messenger Press, 1615 Republic Street, Cincinnati, OH ,45210 (513) 241-5615