Every 6 months or so it is important to evaluate your scc and see if you are still on target.


What would deepen and improve our listening to each other? To our lives? To God?

How do we handle disagreements and conflict in this group?

Does our SCC see itself as church? How do we fit into the total vision of the parish? How can we grow in our sense of belonging to the larger church? Be specific.

How is this SCC meeting helping each of us be different in our family, work place, society, attitude toward the poor of the world? Be specific.

Do we often get bogged down in small talk? In discussion from the head instead of speaking and listening to life experience? What specific ways can we agree to that would deepen our time together?

Is our SCC depending too much on one or a few people? What are the ways that each person in our SCC is taking responsibility for the group?

What is the best thing we have going for us? What is the main obstacle to growth?


Based on information taken from “Creating Small Church Communities” Third Edition by Father Arthur R. Baranowski,St. Anthony Messenger Press, 1615 Republic Street, Cincinnati, OH ,45210 (513) 241-5615