My Relationship with God
Do I pray to God every day?
Do I fight against my parents when they say it is time to go to Mass on Sunday?
Do I participate in Mass by paying attention, responding, and singing?
Do I speak about God respectfully, or do I use God’s name in vain?
Do I try to learn more about my faith by learning prayers, attending religion classes, and reading the Bible?

My Relationship with My Family
Do I obey my parents like I should?
Do I talk back to my parents? Am I disrespectful toward my parents?
Am I responsible about cleaning my room and doing my assigned household jobs?
Am I ever mean to my brothers and sisters?
Do I take care of my pets like I should? Or do I neglect or abuse my pets?
Do I watch bad TV programs or videos?
Am I selfish with my things, or do I share them with others?

Have I lied to my parents? to my teachers? to my friends?
Have I cheated on homework or a test?
Have I taken something that does not belong to me?
Do I borrow things without returning them?

Do I fool around in class? Am I lazy?
Am I disrespectful or inconsiderate toward teachers or classmates?
Do I pick on other kids?
Do I have a foul mouth?

Self Care
Do I eat a well balanced diet?
Do I get enough rest by getting to bed on time at night?
Do I brush my teeth each day?
Do I bathe, groom my hair, and dress appropriately?